Work Authorization is Critical

As US International Students, we know a crucial fact that we MUST get work sponsorship, otherwise we cannot work in USA. To be specific, the employers have to be E-Verify company (for STEM OPT Extension) and/or sponsor H-1B VISA. If you apply a job that they are not E-Verify company or do not sponsor H-1B VISA, you are wasting your time. Sometimes, you will not even get an reject email.

You Need Work Sponsorship

On the other hand, most Americans can find a job easily, because citizens do not need to worry about work authorization. Image that, if you are exposed to thousands of E-Verify companies and H-1B sponsors, it can be easy for you as well.

How Abroad Talents Can Help You

300,000+ OPT and H-1B Jobs

Now, we bring 300,000+ OPT and H-1B Jobs in front of you. Abroad Talents help International Students to filter out OPT and H-1B jobs from Top Job Boards which are partnered with us.

Now you can site back and focus on applying for the jobs that your background are qualified for. All of the jobs on our job board are E-Verify company and/or H-1B sponsors. It means that it will be must easier for you to get a job which provide work sponsorship.

Exposed to Thousands of E-Verify Companies & H-1B Sponsors

Abroad Talents have helped thousands of employers to find candidates from US International Students. They are looking for talents like you who can speak several different languages, or have experience with various cultures, or geeks with strong technology skills.

Create an account and upload your resume to be found by thousands of HR/Recruiters who search Abroad Talents candidate databases every day.

Kind Words From Happy Customers

What other people thought about Abroad Talents

Without Abroad Talents, I’d be jobless. It helped me find a job just 10 days before my OPT expire! Can’t quite believe I just used it for 1 month!

I’m incredibly pleased with Abroad Talents’ job search engine. When I used it to search jobs, I got more replies and interviews! It filter out OPT & H-1B jobs from top job boards and the openings are those that I can actually get!

Excellent tool for international students, especially for STEM majors who need E-Verify companies to be their employer. I can find thousands of jobs posted by E-Verify companies! Now I just need to focus on searching jobs.

Abroad Talents’ job search engine is amazing! It is dedicated to filter out OPT & H-1B jobs. I do not need to worry about work authorization any more! Wonderful job search engine for International Students & Professionals who want to work in US!

Before, I did not get any interview. After I start to use Abroad Talents – OPT & H-1B Job Board, I get a job in less than 2 months! It really helpful, I recommended to all my classmates.

Before, I did not get any reply form the companies that I applied. Now I use the OPT & H-1B Job Board, things are quite different and amazing! I receive plenty of replies and interviews! And all of them sponsor work authorization!

Apply Jobs You Can Get

It is HARD for US International Students to get job in US, but we will make it EASY for you.

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